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Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Autobot Minerva

Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Autobot Minerva

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Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Autobot Minerva is inspired by the G1 animated series, Super-God Masterforce. This 5.5-inch action figure features a Generations-style design and brings together beloved characters from across the Transformers multiverse.

Experience the thrill of transformation with its impressive 2-in-1 ability. The Autobot Minerva figure converts from a mighty robot to an ambulance car mode in just 14 steps. In addition to the Energon rifle, this figure comes with a blaster and a lightbar accessory that can be attached in both robot and vehicle modes.

Combine the blaster and Energon rifle to create a formidable weapon and join the battle for the fate of the universe with Transformers: Legacy Deluxe Autobot Minerva.

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