About Broke Robot Toys

Broke Robot Toys is an online retailer focusing on collectible toys, the majority of which are 1/6 scale (12") and 1/12 scale (6") collectible action figures and exclusives. Collectible cards and comics and other pop culture memorabilia.

It started when I found a G2 Optimus Prime Transformer at a Goodwill.  Originally my collection was Transformers and then it slowly expanded to anything robot that had a cool aesthetic, then it slowly started to include vinyl figures and anything I thought was cool(my idea of cool was/is not everyone's idea of cool).

After way too many years of collecting, the collection started to become overwhelming. The #binlife started to happen(binlife - the collecting and storing unopened toys/collectibles in totes). I started to sell some of the collection(the figures I really did not care for), to buy newer items for the collection, some joined the bin and others were displayed.

Around 2013 I started having a booth at a local toy show and had a great time meeting other collectors, being able to help others with their collections and move forward with my own interests. After a few years, I decided to start my own site to help collectors and help myself.  Here we are, the cliff notes of Broke Robot Toys.

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