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Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars Beerus Version 2

Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars Beerus Version 2

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Introducing the Bandai Namco Dragon Stars Beerus Version 2 action figure from the renowned Dragon Ball Stars series. This highly detailed and meticulously crafted figure brings the mighty Beerus to life with astonishing accuracy. Standing tall at 6 1/2 inches, this action figure boasts over 16 points of articulation, allowing you to pose and display Beerus in a myriad of dynamic positions.

Immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Ball as you recreate iconic scenes and engage in thrilling battles with this articulated Beerus figure. With additional hands included, you have the freedom to customize and enhance the figure's display, adding a personal touch to your collection.

From his fierce expression to the intricate details on his attire, every aspect of Beerus has been faithfully recreated, capturing his powerful presence and divine aura. Whether you're a dedicated collector or a passionate fan, this Beerus Version 2 action figure is a must-have addition to your Dragon Ball Stars collection.

Unleash the power of the God of Destruction and embark on countless adventures with the Dragon Stars Beerus Version 2 action figure. Immerse yourself in the rich world of Dragon Ball and bring the intensity of the anime series into your own hands.

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