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Broke Robot Toys & Collectibles has a large Funko inventory that is ever changing! Immerse yourself in the wide ranging fandoms of Funko Pops!

Indulge your passion for pop culture with our diverse range of Funko Pops! and other collectible figures. From beloved characters to iconic scenes, Funko showcases the essence of your favorite shows, movies, and games. 

Explore our extensive collection of Funko Pops from anime series (Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia), Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, DC and find those rare gems that will elevate your collection to a whole new level. We carry Graded Funko Pops, autographed Funko Pops, Funko Soda's, Blockbuster rewinds and more.

Whether you're a dedicated collector or looking for the perfect gift, our Funko offerings have something special for everyone. Join us on this thrilling journey through the world of pop culture and let our exclusive collectibles become the prized possessions of your fandom. Step into the realm of Funko toys and collectibles and unlock the magic of your favorite characters, moments, and memories. Start your collection with Funko Pops!, toys, and more today.

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